Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Read the following terms and conditions carefully. Any registration for one of the trips offered by Bonjour Nature is equivalent to the acceptance of all the conditions set out below, which are an integral part of the contractual obligations of Bonjour Nature as well as of the Customer, as these terms and conditions are defined below and govern their respective obligations.

For the purposes of these general conditions, the term “Travel” includes, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any trip, circuit, excursion, package, program, itinerary, service, accommodation, transport, activity or show organized by Bonjour Nature , while the term “Client” means any traveler, participant, passenger, individual, occupant or person participating in a Trip. The masculine is used herein, but includes the feminine, all for the sole purpose of lightening the text.

Booking one or more services implies knowledge, understanding and acceptance of these general and special conditions, as well as the responsibilities described on our website. The Customer must read them carefully and make sure they understand them, or contact one of our advisers, before making their reservation.

The Explore Quebec program is offered with financial support from the Ministère du Tourisme and is intended for residents of Quebec only; the package purchased must correspond to the minimum standards * required by the Ministry of Tourism to qualify and in order to benefit from this program, proof of residence of the Traveler will be requested by email following the reservation. To be able to take advantage of the benefits offered by the “Explore Quebec on the Road” program, the package purchased must be one of those selected and found on the Bonjour Nature website. It is possible to modify the duration of the accommodation already included and / or to add activities and accommodation in order to extend the stay; these packages remain customizable but must at all times meet the Minister’s criteria and may be subject to change without advise. This program is intended for residents of Quebec only. The government reserves the right to modify or end this program at any time and Bonjour Nature has no control over.



Unless otherwise indicated, all prices listed are per person, in Canadian dollars, double occupancy. The prices indicated are established according to specific dates and are calculated to represent the costs of the Travel on the date mentioned. For any alternative date or service different from those mentioned in the call price, different prices may apply. The prices of certain services are generated by the supplier reservation system and may change in real time depending on availability. The final price will be confirmed at the time of payment by credit card. Bonjour Nature assumes no responsibility for a price change occurring before the confirmation of the transaction. Taxes and contribution: Prices include the Quebec provincial sales tax (hereinafter “QST”) and the Federal Goods and Services Tax (hereinafter “GST”), as well as the lodging tax. The contribution to the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents (FICAV) is 0.35% of the price of the trip excluding taxes. https://www.opc.gouv.qc.ca/ficav/ Exclusions: Are excluded from the prices, all services not detailed in the general conditions according to the quote, the Customer’s invoice and the detailed travel program found on the Bonjour Nature website. If there is a discrepancy between the information and / or prices contained in an advertisement and that of a Detailed Program, the content of the Detailed Program and the price found on the website will prevail. Discount : Any price reduction resulting from a promotion or decision by Bonjour Nature or its suppliers will only apply to new bookings.



As long as the total payment has not been paid in full, Bonjour Nature will have no obligation towards the Customer except for confirming availability and will ask the client to pay in full within the next 24 hours to confirm and guarantee a reservation. The exact date of final payment will be indicated on the Traveler’s invoice. Service requested: In the event that the requested service cannot be confirmed immediately and that Bonjour Nature has to make a request to its suppliers, the Customer must give his credit card number as payment and consent to the payment being withdrawn from the latter if the product meets the agreed price and specifications. No further validation is required from Bonjour Nature. If the requested services are no longer available, Bonjour Nature will suggest equivalent services. Failure to make full payment: In the event that final payment is expected and is not received within the required time, the Customer will be considered in default and all reservations and / or purchases for which he is in default will be considered canceled by the Customer. Bonjour Nature reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice, without any recourse for the Customer. The cancellation fees provided for in these general conditions will then apply without further notice or delay. Payment method : Only payments by credit card are possible. To pay in cash, you must make an appointment and come to our Rawdon office. Activity and excursion, equipment, derogation and transfer: Outdoor activities are subject to various climatic conditions, the activities take place rain or shine.For all quad, snowmobile, nautical equipment rental, bicycle or other sports equipment, a deposit may be required on site.



By verbally providing or entering their credit card number on the Bonjour Nature website to make any payment, the Customer agrees to respect the reservation conditions even if he has not signed any form and this action stipulates automatic acceptance of the general conditions and policies of Bonjour Nautre and its partners and suppliers.If the name of the credit card holder is not among the Customers, Bonjour Nature reserves the right, for security reasons, to obtain the authorization of the holder. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Bonjour Nature is authorized, where applicable, to use the same credit card as the one used for the deposit without additional confirmation, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary.



Child rates are based on a child sharing the same room with 2 adults, without adding an extra bed. If the Customer requires an extra bed or a playpen, he must notify one of our agents or indicate it in the “Message” section. This may result in additional charges payable upon confirmation or on site. A minor cannot make a reservation for tourist services or occupy accommodation alone. The Customer has the obligation to specify the exact age of the children when making reservations as well as the ages of the other occupants when required. Any person of minor age must be accompanied by an adult. The supplier reserves the right to add a supplement if the minimum age is not respected. Room configuration: Occupation: When booking, it is the Customer’s responsability to mention the exact number of people who will share accommodation since the price of accommodation may be affected by the number of occupants. It is also the Customer’s responsibility to specify the ages of the children. If the Customer requires an extra bed or a playpen, he must specify it in the “Message” section. Bonjour Nature cannot guarantee its availability and additional fees, payable on site, may be required. Once there, if the number of people differs, the accommodation establishment may refuse to honor the reservation or require additional charges. If changes affecting the occupancy of the accommodation are made by one or more Travelers, the prices will be adjusted to reflect the actual occupancy of the accommodation. For any changes made, please refer to the “CANCELLATION AND MODIFICATION FEES” section of these terms and conditions.



In the event that the Customer wishes to cancel or modify their purchase, they must contact a Bonjour Nature agent. In the event of a cancellation, written notice will be required by Bonjour Nature and the date of cancellation will be the date of receipt of this written notice by Bonjour Nature. This notice will be used to calculate the cancellation fees required by the supplier. These cancellation fees vary depending on the supplier and / or the type of service.

Cancellation fees for stays:

A cancellation fee of $ 15 per person will be applied for any modification or cancellation more than 15 days from the date of arrival, if the supplier booked does not charge any fees (refer to the supplier’s website).

The cancellation policy goes as follows:

From 14 days to 7 days: 50% of the total paid

From 6 days to 3 days: 75% of the total paid

Less than 2 days; 100% non-refundable

No refund will be made for an unused service.

If the customer wishes to modify his reservation, he will have to inform Bonjour Nature in writing and clearly mention the modifications to be made. We will do our best to accommodate the customer, and if any fees from the supplier should apply, the customer agrees to pay the amounts.

Cancellation fees for excursions:

A cancellation fee of $ 10 per person will be applied for any cancellation or modification in addition to the supplier cancellation policy (refer to the supplier’s website)

Non-refundable 7 days before the date of the excursion if the supplier cancellation policy allow it. The supplier cancellation policy plus de 10 $ fee is applicable until 7 days prior to the activity then the non-refundable policy is applicable.



Bonjour Nature reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel or replace tourist services booked and / or purchased with comparable tourist services. In the event of cancellation by Bonjour Nature of tourist services, Bonjour Nature’s responsibility will be limited to reimbursing the amounts paid by the Customer for the canceled services, with the exception of cancellations, changes and modifications caused by force majeure. If comparable tourist services are offered, the Customer may have to pay additional costs if the comparable tourist services are more expensive or obtain a refund if the comparable services are less expensive. If the Customer refuses the comparable services offered before departure, the refusal will be considered as a cancellation imposed by Bonjour Nature and its responsibility will be limited to reimbursing the amounts paid by the Customer for the canceled services, with the exception of cancellations, changes and modifications caused by major forces.



It is the Traveler’s responsibility to immediately notify Bonjour Nature when a problem arises with regard to tourist services. The Customer must allow Bonjour Nature to find an immediate or as soon as possible solution to the problem, when possible, by contacting Bonjour Nature at 450 834-8088. Complaints will only be considered if Bonjour Nature could not resolve the problem on site, during the execution of tourist services, despite its interventions. No other complaint or claim will be considered. In all cases, Bonjour Nature’s liability is specifically limited to the price of the Trip. Tourist services paid but not received could be reimbursed by the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents. It is administered by the Office de la protection du consommateur. This is financial protection for the Traveler. Find out more at https://www.opc.gouv.qc.ca/ficav/



Bonjour Nature or the service provider may, in certain circumstances and in order to accommodate a Client, allow certain changes to the Client’s tourist services to be made. Any change or modification request must be made in writing to Bonjour Nature rather than to the service provider. The modifications not authorized by Bonjour Nature will remain entirely the responsibility of the Customer without being able to obtain the reimbursement of the services from which he would not have benefited as a result of these modifications. If the trip is interrupted, there will be no possible compensation. If such modification is not permitted and a Client decides not to use the tourist services, cancellation fees will apply.



These are governed by the laws applicable in the province of Quebec.



For excursions, the Client is responsible to arrive before the scheduled departing time and place. Information will be confirmed in the travel documents.the place confirmed in your travel documents

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